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Frequently Asked Questions

Below Is The List Of Accessories That You Receive With Your Life Watch:

  • Life Watch - In A Waterproof Case
  • Textured, Black Rubber, Adjustable Wristband
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide

Press and hold the Chrome button on the side of the watch case for 5 seconds until the Life Watch turns on.

Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone. Go to the Settings screen on your Life Watch. Scroll down to the System menu and select it. Choose the About menu. Note the Bluetooth code name of your Life Watch. Join as a new user or Sign In as a registered user and follow the onscreen prompts until you see a Pairing screen. Select Search. Choose the code name of your Life Watch on the Bluetooth Network. Keep the Life Watch close to the smartphone till the two devices are paired

Make sure the Life Watch is powered on and Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone. Keep the smartphone away from other devices before pairing. Make sure the Life Watch and the smartphone are close to each other. Make sure there are no other smartphone is paired with your Life Watch. If the above steps do not work, reset the Life Watch.

The Life Watch will automatically sync the time with your smartphone.

  • Option A. Go to the “Setting” screen on your Life Watch. Select it and then choose “Time Setting” and then choose the “Time Setting” sub menu. The hours will show in 24 hour increments but will display in a 12-hour format if that is selected in the “Hour Type” menu. Scroll to the appropriate minute and hour and choose “OK”
  • Option B. The Life Watch will automatically synchronize the time with your smartphone.

  • Option 1: Open the APP on the phone
  • Option 2: On the Home Screen, pull the page downward and let is pop back up. The app will synchronize your data with the Life Watch automatically.

Make sure Bluetooth is on. Swipe down on the main page to refresh the screen and sync the app with the Life Watch manually. The Life Watch can keep 7 days of data. If you have not synched the Life Watch with your smartphone, try restarting the Life Watch by turning it on then off. Then reconnect the Life Watch with your smartphone

Make sure the Life Watch on your wrist and make sure the light sensor is close to your skin without any clothing in the way. Tighten the Life Watch to a comfortable fit so the Life Watch is not too tight or too loose.

Option One: Switch the Life Watch to the heart rate screen and the Life Watch will begin to test for this automatically. The light sensor on back of the Life Watch will begin to flash with a green light. A measurement will display in about 15-30 seconds. The Life Watch will stop testing automatically or you can stop testing manually by switching to another screen.

Make sure the Life Watch is close to your wrist and there are no obstructions between the Life Watch and your skin. Hair, tattoos, dark tans and scars may affect the ability of the Life Watch sensor to take a measurement. Try moving the Life Watch up or down the wrist.

Make sure to set call notifications to “On” in the Life Watch APP. Go to the “Settings” screen and select “Push Notifications”. Make sure the “Call” Icon is enabled. Make sure that bluetooth is set to “On” in your smartphone and paired to your Life Watch. Keep your Life watch within the bluetooth range of your smartphone in most cases 10-15 feet.

Make sure the Life Watch APP is running on your smartphone. Go to “Settings” on the Life Watch APP and select “Push Notifications”. Make sure the social media service you desire is enabled. Or choose “Enable all” to receive notifications from every social media source.

If the message remains unread, the Life Watch will continue to notify you. Press the red waste can icon to delete the message.

Go to the “Settings” screen and scroll to the bottom. Select “Unpair Life Watch” at the bottom. Or go to the Life Watch and scroll right to left and select the “Settings” gear icon. Scroll to the bottom menu and select “System” Scroll to the bottom and select “Reset.” The Life Watch will unpair from the Life Watch APP.

Turn the smartphone off then, on again. Turn bluetooth settings off then, on again. Go to step 2 and re-pair the Life Watch to the Life Watch APP.

  1. Make sure the Life Watch is worn while sleeping.
  2. Restart the Life Watch and wear it again the next day to see if there is a record of your sleep cycle.
  3. The battery may have been exhausted in the middle of the night. Make sure it is fully charged before going to sleep

From the main screen, scroll right to left and select the “Settings” menu. Scroll to the bottom menu and select “Reset” Choosing “Reset” will delete all your stored data and restore factory settings.

Make sure a music app, a video app is playing on your smartphone. Scroll from right to left and select the “Music” control feature. While a song or video is playing, you can stop or restart the music or video using the middle control button. You can advance to the next audio or video file using the right and left arrows. You can turn the volume up or down using the lower + and - buttons.

The Life Watch app must be running in the background so that Bluetooth will not automatically disconnect. The memory management system of an Android phone will force the APP to turn off. Please manually turn off the power saving mode of your Android phone or add the Life Watch APP to the Green background of the system management so the APP will not be forced to shut down.

When the Life Watch is not used for a long time, it will enter a low power mode. Please use a smartphone charging cube to charge the Life Watch for 30 minutes to activate it. The USB port on a computer way provide much lower current and may not power the Life Watch sufficiently.

First make sure the feature, “Raise to wake” is enabled in the “Settings” menu section. Check to see if the time frame to start and stop the feature is set to your needs. If you raise your arm outside of the preset timeframe, the Life Watch will not wake up, unless you manually turn the watch on with the main button. When you need to see the time, raise your arm and rotate your wrist so the Life Watch screen faces you.

  • Go to the smartphone’s Settings page. Click on the Life Watch APP. Click on Location and allow the Life Watch APP to have your desired level of access to your location.
  • Check to see that your mobile phone network is normal and you have a good signal.
  • Check the Bluetooth connection is normal.
  • If all the above conditions are met, the weather temperature will update once every hour. If this does not work, close the APP from the background and re-open it.

When too many devices are connected to your Bluetooth system some functions may begin to fail. Try to disconnect unused Bluetooth devices or select “forget this device” on your Bluetooth system to lighten up the demand and focus the system on your Life Watch.

The Life Watch can be exposed to incidental water while washing hands or getting caught in the rain. It is not suitable for swimming, or diving in water. The Life Watch is suitable for shortterm exposure to water for up to 3 feet deep for 30 seconds only

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Soft Silicone Rubber Wristbands - Only $9.99 each!

Blue Silicone Rubber
AZURE Soft Silicone Band
Pink Silicone Rubber
MAUVE Soft Silicone Band
Green Silicone Rubber
JADE Soft Silicone Band

Magnetic Stainless Steel Wristbands - Only $14.99 each!

Gold Stainless Steel
GOLD Stainless Steel
Black Stainless Steel
BLACK Stainless Steel
Silver Stainless Steel
SILVER Stainless Steel

Genuine Leather Wristbands - Only $18.99 each!

Brown Leather
BROWN Leather

Screen Protector - Only $1.99 each!

Screen protector
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Order today and get your Life Watch for only $79.99 plus $19.99 processing and handling! As an option, you may also upgrade to the Deluxe Life Watch for only $99.99 plus $14.99 processing and handling.

Each kit includes (1) Life Watch, 2-piece Wrist Band – Black Rubber, the Magnetic Charging Cord, a User Manual, and our Quick Start Guide.

Stock up on Life Watch accessories today while supplies last! Our Silicon Rubber Wristbands are available in Blue, Pink and Green for ONLY $9.99 each. Our Stainless Steel Wristbands are available in Gold, Black, and Silver for ONLY $14.99 each. Our Leather Wristbands are available in Black and Brown for ONLY $18.99 each. Our Charging Cables are available for only $4.99 each. Our Screen Protectors are available for only $1.99 each.

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